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Kill Your Darlings (2013) HD full movie watch

Kill Your Darlings (2013) HD full movie watch

As a man in the 1940s, poet Allen Ginsberg wins a place at Columbia University in New York City. He arrives as a very inexperienced freshman, but soon runs into Lucien Carr, who is very anti-establishment and rowdy.\\r\\nAfter a while, Ginsberg discovers that Carr only manages to stay at Columbia thanks to a somewhat older man, a professor, David Kammerer, who writes all of his term paper for him, and seems perhaps to have been an ex-love of Carr\\\'s. It appears that Kammerer is still in love with 

  • Release date : January 2013
  • Genre : Fantasy
  • Stars : Daniel Radcliffe Dane DeHaan Ben Foster Michael C.
  • Film Industry : World